How to Stop Taking Things Personally

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We as human beings have this habit of relying on others to support us, whether it be our thought process or our belief system, we need someones approval of our opinion. Have you ever caught yourself in a situation where somebody is making fun of your favorite celebrity or talking about something which does not […]

How you can be Humble and leave an Impact!


Every person around the world would have a stronger feeling over the other. The traits and attitude of the person are usually dependent on the way they seem to the world. In the current world of globalization, the impact of a persons characteristic is huge. The same would be applicable for the opposite persons perspective. […]

How To be a Great Teacher

Have you felt that you are close to a certain elder person of your family or a friend more than others? And do you feel that not only you but all the other people are more inclined towards him or her, and why is this? Don’t they scold you when you have done a mistake? […]